The Systems Thinker — Online Workshops

May 5, 5pm - 7pm AEST

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Who’s it for?

Ambitious leaders who want to reliably improve production and deliver remarkable results.

What’s it for? 

The goal is to learn a new way of thinking about better ways to do better work.

What will I learn? 

You’ll get practical, actionable insights into a proven method for a step change in productivity.

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CONCEPT: The power of constraints

You’ll understand how a systems-thinking approach creates outcomes you’d otherwise think unreasonable or impossible.

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You’ll learn how to find your system’s constraint and align your people to get the most out of it. We’ll use a few stories to bring the concepts to life, then generate scenarios from your experience.

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BREAKOUT: Case clinics

In breakout rooms, you’ll tackle cases defined in part 2. One person will be the ‘client’, the others the ‘consultants’. You’ll have the chance to apply the 5-Step FOCUS to understand how the concept powers correct problem identification and better solutions.

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PLENARY: Roundup

Groups will report back, and I’ll dig in further on a few selected cases, leaving time for Q&A.

Is it free?

Except for your time, totally. 

"A really good introduction to
the FOCUS steps. The mix of people
was refreshing and made for a
very interesting workshop."

—Tom Connor,
Queensland Alumina Limited

~ Let’s redefine what’s possible ~

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